Are you searching for exceptional IT talent in Central and Eastern Europe, but finding it a challenge to identify top-quality 

candidates while also managing the high cost and time investment of tech recruitment? Let us help!

As your recruitment partner, our team is here to assist you in discovering and attracting the best IT professionals in the region,

while reducing time-to-hire and saving you valuable time and resources.

Permanent IT Recruitment Services

Unlock a realm of exceptional candidates through our meticulously sourcing and search process.We're building custom candidate pipelines based on your recruiting requirements and delivering the best talents that meet your hiring criteria. This is especially crucial for tapping into specialized communities, where individuals aren't actively seeking new roles, ensuring high relevance in the matching process.You'll get the best hires of the moment and a pipeline of candidates as a backup for your near-future hiring needs.  

Our Services

With our streamlined recruitment process, you'll enjoy faster time-to-hire and a talented team that will deliver the right candidates, ready to be hired.

Contingent Recruitment

We identify every detail of our client's needs, prepare adapted action plans based on the work market where the clients are activating the business and Start attracting relevant candidates' profiles. 

We create custom pipelines of targeted candidates and your company will receive shortlisted profiles earning Accent on People stamp of approval, ready to be hired. 

Retained Recruitment

Using remarkable recruitment techniques, our skilled recruitment team of headhunters and leading job fairs on your behalf, we aim to become your HR department's efficient solution to attract and retain talents. 

Executive Search

We are headhunting the rarest Top-Notch Skills on highly competitive markets. 

We like to be challenged in finding the best Executive / C-Level candidates, worldwide. 

Let's have a confidential discussion! 

We deliver quality candidates, Worldwide with a focus on the Central and Eastern European region.

Starting from Our Philosophy: "The human resources are the most important resources of any organization" our mission is to become global leaders in providing the best job experiences for our skilled candidates and the right candidates for our partnering organizations.

We believe that the fusion of people skills with the right organizational cultures and values will result in successful long term professional experiences and we are ready to deliver the right journeys for our successful candidates.

With over +10 years demonstrated experience in highly competitive markets working with various experts, cross-functional teams, we have developed the following specialties: 

  • end-to-end recruitment
  • sourcing
  • crowdsourcing
  • headhunting
  • background screening process
  • performance interviewing 
  • retention strategy
  • candidates relationship management
  • executive search
  • employees evaluations
  • flight risk analysis

Why partner with us? 

  • High-Quality Candidates and Retention, 
  • Result-driven collaboration, no risks for our partners! 
  • Speed
  • Attention to detail and deep dive process - responsibility, objective analytical approach and quality delivery are the core skills of our team 
  • +340 candidates' placements worldwide, 80% in the CEE
  • Plus, we have a particularly robust network of exceptional candidates in the Central and Eastern European region, ensuring that our clients always have access fast to the best candidates.

What are your staffing needs?

Statistics data via Stack Overflow from 2017. In 2023 it seems that the numbers are doubled