5 advantages for hiring companies adapting Contingent Recruitment model


First, let’s start with a few words about the Contingent Recruitment means, is the most efficient type of recruitment carried out by recruitment companies for hiring companies that need to attract and retain talents for their vacant positions, it is done profile by profile, and the collaboration is on a result basis, is paid a success fee only when the candidates recommended by the recruitment company are hired.

The advantages of working with recruitment companies on a contingent model:

  1. There is a possibility for collaboration based on results, the hiring company is charged for a “success fee” only if the recommended candidate is hired
  2. The recruitment company takes all the risk of time searching for the right candidate’s profiles, interviewing, advertising the job position and the hiring company to the best-fit candidates, shortlisting and following up with the candidates during all the recruitment process
  3. The recruitment company is always an extension of the hiring company HR department by joining the efforts to cover the search for the right candidates, is not a competition, in the end, is an extension of a bigger pool of candidates
  4. The recruitment company is doing end to end recruitment processes on a daily basis and allocates all the time for the entire process to be right implemented in order to recruit the best candidates profiles and retain the talents with the hiring company in order to keep a long term business relationship, is directly motivated to do a great job and hire right!
  5. The recruitment companies that focus on the candidate’s intrinsic motivation and skills in the recruitment process reach a high level of retention by matching the career opportunity with the right candidate profile.

There are many recruitment companies that are offering the contingent recruitment model but is important that the recruitment to be focused on candidates profiles and put the accent on people passion and their career needs in order to match perfectly not only with the hiring company job description but also to the company cultural fit and job objectives, for lasting career journeys.

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