Recruitment Packages

Plans that grow with your business

In the current fast paced competitive business environment and technology digital transformation Accent on People goal is to support organizations HR department to generate quick and accurate leads, improve retention and recruitment processes, based on effective results.

We introduce contingent recruitment packages based on success fees applied only when approved candidates that wear Accent on People stamp will be hired.

You can also Hire a Recruiter with rates per hour if you need volume recruitment and placement speed.

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Hire and Grow your Candidates Pipeline

EUR35020 Days
  • While the recruitment on success fee is minimum 25% from the 1st hired candidate gross salary, we offer a list of sourced, selected, best fit and interested candidates for your role, to hire and grow your candidates pipeline, for less than 14% !
  • We're sourcing and outreach the best talents based on your recruitment requirements and we deliver a curated shortlist of candidates that manifest an interest further in proceeding with your company recruitment process.
  • The package includes the following actions:
  • - requirements clarification call
  • - JD requirements & company offer competitive analysis
  • - setting up the candidate profile
  • - setting out the outreach message
  • - sourcing from +150 candidates
  • - shortlisting best fit candidates
  • - outreach best fit candidates
  • - follow up with interested candidates
  • - deliver best fit candidates shortlist
  • (minimum 1 to +4 candidates)
  • * The popularity of the technology you search for talents, complexity of the candidates profile, the competitivity of your offer, your project and company reputation are factors that influence the conversion rate
  • * At least 1 candidate is hired!
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Recruitment-as-a-Service - Optimum Placement Package

EUR25 / h 30 Days
  • On-demand recruitment activities, recommended for dynamic recruitment projects and frequent requirements changes
  • - HR Profiles Clarifications
  • - LinkedIn Posts (18K IT network)
  • - Talents Sourcing
  • - Headhunting
  • - Qualification Interviews
  • - Shortlisting best fit candidates
  • Profiles Delivery: bi-weekly
  • 1 from 3 Profiles are Hired
  • *2% success fee from yearly salary
  • of hired candidate
  • Jobs displayed for 60 days
  • Timesheet reports
  • Monthly invoice
  • (based on spent hours + success fee)
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Retained Recruitment

EUR140030 Days
  • End-2-End Recruitment or related HR Activities
  • Ideal for recruiting multiple roles or related HR activities
  • - Up to 60h / month
  • - Initial Consultation
  • - Create Candidates Profile & Search Strategy
  • - Research & Targeted Sourcing
  • - HR Profiles Clarifications
  • - LinkedIn Posts
  • - Headhunting
  • - Skills test + video screening
  • - Shortlisting best fit candidates
  • - Offer negotiation
  • - Onboarding and follow up
  • - Flight risk analysis
  • - Motivation interviews
  • - Exit interviews
  • - Competitive HR Analysis
  • Profiles Delivery: bi-weekly
  • 1 from 3 Profiles are Hired
  • Timesheet reports
  • Jobs displayed for 30 days
  • Monthly subscription
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More tailored packages?

Tell us all your recruitment needs. We will identify the gaps for you and prepare a tailored action plan to reach your KPIs efficiently.

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