Remote work impact on IT talent recruitment. The top 15 European countries, ranked by the number of software developers, recommended for recruiting talents.


Since the pandemic context started, it has impacted so many industries, including the working behavior of people at a global scale. This huge event determined the change in the recruitment process as well as the adaptation in any work circumstances, mainly people working remotely, working from home or hybrid, a trend adopted by many companies starting from corporations and institutions, globally – the paradigm is changed on-site is replaced with remote work. From the hiring companies’ perspective, this is a huge opportunity to widen their candidate’s pipeline limit and not limit the hiring operations only from a specific geographical area where they have physical offices but to widen the candidate’s searches/hiring from an entire region or even from other countries/cultures, worldwide. That means that now you can widen your candidate pool and diversify the technologies you work with by getting access to more specialists with various skill sets. Remote work can have pros and cons as well, but analyzing the feedback from LinkedIn people several posts from different industries (mostly IT) we can see a positive impact people are embracing the change and feel even more productive not being needed to waste precious time for commuting and other related time and costs that comes on a daily basis for each subject matter expert. 

With remote work comes also new recruitment practices, step by step, the recruitment process can be easily outsourced to extend current hiring companies’ recruitment staff or reduce the staff and recruit on request, when needed with a dedicated recruitment company. We see a significant increase in IT companies hiring recruitment firms or recruiters to attract IT talents on an hourly basis, success fee or both hourly basis + success fee (if the candidates are hired) This is now the real superpower of remote work and a big advantage for the employers. Eliminating geographic boundaries in the recruitment process is a great strategy now to find in-demand skilled candidates. 

Remote work raises a vast array of issues and challenges for both employees and employers. Remote work can be good and effective if the employees work from home three times a week. But in the meantime, this thing it’s not so possible. A lot of studies say that employers have found that a lot of tasks can be done remotely, but they are more effective if they are done in person, or with the team. We talk here about coaching, counseling, training, teaching, creativity workers and so on. 

It’s not a secret that a lot of areas suffer because of remote work. We don’t see this as an incorrect tool, but by time, this tool might become ineffective for some industries.

Software engineering potential candidates pipelines in the European Union and preferred technologies

Is Europe an interesting market for software development services?

Software development services are a growing demand for Europe. This growth in Europe starts from the combination between the considerable shortage of skilled software developers and increasingly need for digital transformation and automation (accelerated in the last 5 years). Every company needs software in some shape or form because right now, a lot of software development tasks require IT expertise knowledge and companies don’t have in-house software engineering teams. Like that, for many reasons, software development is the most outsourced IT service in the world.

Software developers shortage

We are facing a large gap between the number of software development jobs and the number of available software developers. We will see that in 2014, the European Commission predicted a shortage of 900,000 IT professionals for 2020 and in 2017, they adjusted this prediction to a shortage of 500,000. Actually, the shortage is real even if it may be smaller than initially estimated. 53% of European companies report difficulties in recruiting IT specialists.

Even if the European software developer population is growing, the problem is it cannot keep up with the booming demand. The number of software developers in Europe increased by 7% to 6.1 million in 2019. In 2020,  demand for IT skills in Western markets is expected to grow by more than 10%! This demand is formed following the awareness that recent lockdown measures accelerated the need for digital transformation and automation. 

Many companies in Europe try to hire software developers from abroad to fill this gap. A lot of European software developers prefer jobs within their own country, after the developer shortage affects most European countries, but in the same way, companies regularly recruit talent from outside Europe. An easier option, which provides more flexibility, is to outsource software development tasks to offshore providers but now with the remote work advantage you can get your team accustomed to the projects technologies needs in house just by recruiting it and simply reduce the cost of outsourcing.

In the Ukraine of 2020, females are an important part of the software development area, being 22% of software developers. Another country with an interesting number of women in this field, is Lithuania who has about 35 percent of software developers as women. Notably, three from the top five countries with the highest share of women in software development are Baltic states. Generally, right now, there are three women developers for every ten developers in Europe. (info by

According to Stack Overflow, Europe’s developer pool size lies at 5.5 million (in 2018)

Top 15 European countries ranked by the number of software engineers to recruit talents 

At we recruit mostly from EU countries because there are quality candidates and most of the clients are EU located and it is easier even in remote work conditions for the hiring companies to organize team buildings and workshops and gather all the team members in one place for a specific period of time or sync up on the same time zone. 

Most popular technologies according to Stackoverflow based on 83.052 users responses in 2021:

  • Python passed SQL to become our third most popular technology, and Node.JS moved to the sixth most popular technology.
  • Programming, scripting, and markup languages
  • JavaScript completes its ninth year in a row as the most commonly used programming language. For most developers, programming is web programming. Python traded places with SQL to become the third most popular language.

For reference, the report can be accessed here

To cover the software developers shortage many hiring companies are trying different recruiting strategies and methods. They are collaborating with recruitment companies just because they can offer candidates on a success fee basis not being necessary to pay the agency upfront but as a result, when the recommended candidate passes the interview and is hired. 

Whenever you need to extend your recruitment efforts you can check availability to take on new roles and attract the right talents for your organization, you just need to be open for remote work and with an open “deliver from anywhere” mindset.

In conclusion, this article pointed out the fact that these days we are dealing with a massive change in the recruitment and talent acquisition area. People prefer now more than ever remote work instead of going to the office and there are demonstrated positive benefits for both, employees and employers – work productivity and reduced office infrastructure costs.

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