The Smart Recruitment Choice: Outreach and Shortlisting vs. Success Fee Recruitment

Hire and Grow your Candidates Pipeline


Recruiting the right talent for your company is a critical task. It not only shapes your organization’s future but also directly impacts its growth and success. In the pursuit of acquiring top-tier candidates, businesses have now two primary cost-effective options: success fee recruitment and outreach with shortlisting based on company requirements. In this article, we will explore these two recruitment approaches, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each based on the data provided.

Success Fee Recruitment:

Success fee recruitment is a conventional approach wherein recruitment agencies charge a fee, typically a minimum of 25% of the first hired candidate’s gross salary. This model often puts a financial burden on companies, especially smaller ones with tighter budgets. However, it does promise that you will only pay when you find a suitable candidate.

Outreach and Shortlisting:

In contrast, the outreach and shortlisting approach operates differently. Here, recruitment agencies source, select, and shortlist the best-fit candidates based on a company’s requirements. This model offers several benefits that can significantly impact the recruitment process.

  1. Cost-Efficiency:

The data provided indicates that outreach and shortlisting can be done for less than 14% of the hired candidate’s gross salary. This represents a substantial cost saving compared to the standard 25% success fee. For budget-conscious businesses, this cost-efficiency is a compelling advantage.

  1. Time Savings:

Outreach and shortlisting streamline the hiring process. The agency takes care of essential steps like requirements clarification, competitive analysis, candidate profile creation, and outreach message development. This saves your HR team valuable time, allowing them to focus on the most critical stages of the recruitment process.

  1. Access to a Curated Talent Pool:

Recruitment agencies that specialize in outreach and shortlisting maintain a database of pre-screened, interested candidates. This means you gain access to a curated talent pool of individuals who are not only qualified but also express a genuine interest in your company. This can lead to higher retention rates and better employee engagement.

  1. Improved Candidate Quality:

The outreach and shortlisting model enables recruiters to take a more tailored approach. By focusing on a smaller pool of candidates, they can invest more time in understanding the unique demands of the role and the company culture. This often results in presenting candidates who are not only skilled but also culturally aligned with your organization.

  1. Guaranteed Results:

The data emphasizes that, with outreach and shortlisting, you are guaranteed to hire at least one candidate. This level of assurance is often absent in success fee recruitment.

  1. Variable Factors Considered:

Outreach and shortlisting agencies take into account various factors such as the popularity of the technology you’re seeking, candidate profile complexity, competitiveness of your offer, project details, and company reputation. This personalized approach ensures that the recruitment strategy aligns with your unique needs.


While success fee recruitment has its merits, the data makes a compelling case for the benefits of outreach and shortlisting based on a company’s requirements. This approach not only offers cost savings but also provides a curated talent pool, improved candidate quality, and guaranteed results. For companies looking to optimize their recruitment process, the outreach and shortlisting approach is a worthy investment, promising a higher return on your hiring efforts.

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